Why beats other Instagram bots?

Since 2018, Instagram has been tracking down and killing off fake accounts. takes a different approach with Instagram facial recognition technology…

Since 2018, Instagram has been tracking down and killing off fake accounts. 

Using machine learning, the platform is able to identify dubious activity and determine that a user is not real — like if a brand is using third party tools to appear more engaged than they really are.

When you use a bot, your goal isn't to log off and let your followers interact with a shadow. Instead, you want to automate the repetitive time-consuming tasks and focus your energy on producing quality content for your audience.

The problem with many Instagram bots is that they inevitably present you, a real user, in the light of a fake one. 


First, because they are detectable. Instagram can see them, so you're obviously not adhering to their policy. 

Second, their automation technology leads to spammy activity. They collect followers regardless of their level of interaction or compatibility with your content. 

You can probably see how this also goes against contributing to your brand’s bottom line. A different approach to Instagram automation takes a different approach than other Instagram bots with superior Instagram facial recognition technology and seamless integration with the mobile app. The software has built-in AI technology that allows it to identify human faces on posts to decide whether they are interactive and likely to engage with you. 

Faces are known to be a powerful tool in human non-verbal communication, the effect being recorded as early as infancy. As such, faces engage us. 

A study conducted by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology found that Instagram photos with at least one face on them attracted more engagement in the way of likes and comments. It's with such a view that the team at sought to build a bot that uses AI for Instagram facial recognition.

"We are naturally attracted to faces," researcher Saeideh Bakhshi of Georgia Tech. "We are social animals and want to see other people — it's comforting to us and makes us safe. This is engrained in us at a very early age, when babies are looking for the support of their parents."

Just think of how you’d personally approach analyzing thousands of users and posts to find relevant followers. 

You'd probably want to focus on those that engage with content similar to your own, then you'd scrutinize their profile pictures and content to determine that you're dealing with a real person.

That's exactly what does for you. 

The software runs all day and night and behaves like a real user, with limits around the number of followers, comments, likes, and Story views it facilitates in your behalf. Additionally, to ensure changes to the Instagram algorithm don't shut you out, it emulates the latest version of the mobile app. 

Regular updates ensure your account permanently endures these changes, including the latest — which aims to reduce the number of requests sent on the social platform. While most of the Instagram bots were getting shut down in 2019, was being hailed as the safest Instagram bot for 2020

You can finally say goodbye to those frustrating "Account Compromised" notifications and say hello to increased engagement without you needing to manually intervene.

Instagram automation is made better with AI

There are currently more than one billion monthly active users of Instagram. Research shows that 63 percent of these users log in at least once a day with a very small number that checks in less than once a week.

For your business, this is great news — you have a huge target. However, in terms of the work you need to do to drive revenue out into your bank, it's a difficult, almost impossible task. Especially from a business standpoint.

Capturing people's attention and getting them to notice your content takes a lot more than uploading pictures of random stuff.

You have to find your audience inside that lush forest; and when you do, your work only multiplies because their attention is fleeting.

Thanks to automation, the simple mundane tasks can be left to tools, such as Instagram bots, leaving you to take care of other important tasks that require your active participation.

That was a few years ago. Now marketers are using AI to push the limits of automation to levels beyond handling of "menial" work. 

They are using AI to do what they can't do:

  • Sifting through online content
  • Gathering consumer data
  • Analyzing this information so it's actually useful for the business

When it comes to social media,, for instance, is processing thousands of images on Instagram to determine which ones contain faces of people and engaging with the corresponding posts on a personal level.

If you can't afford the time, as many business managers will agree, AI-powered automation makes it possible to relax knowing that the thing is still going to get done. 

But this only works if the system is properly set up.

Instagram: Areas to automate

To automate Instagram correctly, you have to determine your target areas as well as the tools to use. 

These are the most important areas where the power of automation can be used to save your business countless hours each day:

Instagram publishing and posting

Instead of logging in whenever they need to share a photo, smart marketers make use of social posting tools, known better for their scheduling features.

Planning, creating, and scheduling your Instagram posts to go live at a later time is more effective than creating and publishing content on the go. It allows you to be more strategic about what you share with your audience and more organized which gives you peace of mind.

Tools you can use to schedule your Instagram posts include Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social.

Instagram follower growth

Unless you have an audience, all the content you create will not bring you money — or help anyone for that matter. 

Additionally, numbers on social media are social proof; so typically, you want them as high as possible. Think likes, comments, Story views, account views, and definitely followers.

However, the large number of online users notwithstanding, it's difficult for businesses to grow a fanbase on Instagram. 

Following people back, liking their content, and viewing their stories is considered engagement in the language of social media. In the early stages, the growth of your account depends on this. boasts the features of smart following and unfollowing, mass story viewing, and automated liking and commenting. It uses AI to determine its next action, depending on the potential value of engaging with the content.

Instagram content discovery

The hashtag is a wonderful feature for social media marketers. They use it to easily find out what people are talking about, which allows them to post content that captures the zeitgeist of the time.

Content discovery can help you find content that's relevant to your brand and inspire you in terms of what others in your industry are posting. It can also help you find users who are interested in subjects that touch your core business. These users are more likely to follow you and engage with your content. 

You can also use hashtags to find out if people are talking about your brand or making various associations with it. Web listening tools such as Mention and Google Alerts come in handy for this task.

A manual search of the hashtag usually works for finding relevant content. But there are limitations — one being that you have to know what you're looking for. Using a tool like BuzzSumo, you can find the most popular content at any time and influential people talking about it. 

The second limitation around hashtag searches has to do with the numbers of people contributing to that topic. If you have all the time in the world, why not? You can sort through the lists to find relevant people to engage with. 

Alternatively, you can install, which uses superior AI technology, to find target hashtags that resonate with your brand message and run through the resulting lists to identify opportunities for engagement.

Measuring your Instagram success, engagement is a true measure

According to Instagram, more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile per day. This shows that businesses out there are doing a good job of making people curious about their products and services.

A third of the most viewed stories are reportedly from businesses and 60 percent of people say the platform helps them discover new products. 

Consumers are not only expecting to be approached by businesses on Instagram — they are ready to buy what you're selling. As many as 72 percent of users in a study said they have bought an item they saw on the platform.

So, how do you know how your campaign is doing on Instagram?

Before you start seeing those sales (even after), your truest measure of success is engagement. It's such an effective metric to monitor because it gives you a foundation to build upon.

You can tell where your content needs tightening up and what you need to keep doing based on how users interact with your content. This is one reason why it's so important to only have real users in your list of followers.

Your total engagement rate is the average number of comments added to the average number of likes, the sum divided by the number of followers and multiplied by 100. You can also find out the engagement rate per post by adding the number of likes to comments, divided by number of followers and multiplied by 100.

The formula is:

The average engagement rate on Instagram is between one and five percent. A little research will reveal your industry’s average so that you can determine more precisely how your brand is doing.

Final thoughts: automation isn't enough — use a safe bot with Instagram facial recognition abilities

To grow your Instagram account, you need a tool that draws its strength from much more sophisticated tech than simple automation. 

Plenty of Instagram bots can automate the gathering of likes and followers. Now, most of them are useless after Instagram tightened up their rules. It can be argued that they didn't offer much utility to their users in the first place, because all they did was inflate vanity metrics. represents a new kind of Instagram engagement tool that takes into account the visual nature of the platform. Give it a try to see the difference for yourself!

February 14, 2020
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