How To Become An Instagram Model?

Modeling was once controlled by strict rules and regulations of height, weight, shape and size. Modeling agencies made potential and aspiring models jump through myriad hoops before ever seeing a hint of real fame or wealth. Thankfully that is all in the past now.

Modeling was once controlled by strict rules and regulations of height, weight, shape and size. Modeling agencies made potential and aspiring models jump through myriad hoops before ever seeing a hint of real fame or wealth. Thankfully that is all in the past now.

With the advent of social media, gaining popularity has never been this easy. Where once you would have had to go through countless agencies and agents to win any fame, today you can be your own best promoter by directly engaging with your audience through various social media tools and platforms.

Anyone can become famous on Instagram if they gauge their audience’s expectations with suaveness and operate with perseverance and intelligence. However, the most popular people on Instagram tend to be celebrities, models and fashion experts. For example, Kendall Jenner with a following 119 million.

Here is how you can start your journey to fame and fortune by harnessing the power of social media with effectiveness and precision. 

Find Your Style, Know Your Audience And Plan Out Your Business Model

A cohesive style and tone of voice across all platforms will emphasize your unique identity to your audience. An individual, attractive and intriguing style will be retained in the audience’s memory due to its individuality. Moreover, a tempting and delightful image will also be memorable since it will elicit more of an emotional response. So, to stick in people’s minds, find a style and convey it in an emotionally appealing way. 

To find your style ask yourself what kind of Instagrammer you aspire to be? Some Instagram celebrities aim to join the world of high fashion, while others wish to become makeup models and promoters. Still, others will choose to be brand ambassadors for all things fitness-related and some prefer a life of swimsuit and bikini modeling. 

Before beginning, know who your target audience is, what is there demographic and how do you plan to tempt, entice and entertain them to keep them hooked on your posts and stories.

What will you be providing in terms of inspiration, motivation, entertainment, and temptation to find and keep an audience, and how do you plan to monetize your Instagram fame? Will you be a brand ambassador or a product promoter? Do you wish to open your own store and fashion or accessory line? Have all your answers mapped out before you begin compiling a portfolio. 

Begin With a Portfolio

Start your portfolio with the help of a photographer. Photographers need models, and the situation is the same when reversed, so it can be a win-win situation when you find a suitably creative photographer A creative photographer with an exceptional eye for style can make a model’s career.

## Gain a Following With Fantastic Content And With The Help of Third-Party Apps

Amazing, relevant content that delights and entertains the audience can be sticky and gain some organic followers. However, to jumpstart your new career, you will need some traction to show your target audience that you have value and should definitely be followed. That’s why you should consider the push provided by third-party apps which can post your photos and stories at peak times for maximum user engagement. You should also consider liking, commenting, and engaging with other Instagram users who may then return your interest by following and getting involved with your stories. 

Automate Instagram Communication

When you have few followers, you will probably be able to manage all communication activities yourself. However, when your following grows, it is still essential to answer each of your followers as well as to manage timely communication with your brand associates and collabs. When you feel that you have reached a particular number of followers and can no longer manage to maintain contact and to message in a timely manner, you should try out Instagram communication automation services. By using this service, you can also free up your time for more productive efforts while being assured that your followers are not left feeling neglected. 

Unite your Chats with Direct Messaging

Streamline all communications by uniting all your chats from several Instagram Accounts. All conversations will be accessible from the device, PC or Mac, which you are currently using thereby making your social media life and messaging activities much more convenient. 

Use Keywords In The Direct Search Feature

By using the direct search feature offered by Instagram, you can search for any account easily to begin communications. If you need a photographer, model, actor or hairstylist, all you have to do is write down the keyword to compile a list of all those in that category in your area. These lists can prove useful for collaborations and for you to follow and improve your reach and become a part of the community.

Collaborate Whenever You Can

Collaborations are a great way to reach broad new audiences. Collaborations will help out all the individuals taking part by helping them to improve their reach with a bigger audience and get connected and engaged with more people. Start any collab by first reaching out to likeminded people in your field with whom you wish to be connected. You can start by following another model and engaging with their posts and stories. Try to build an emotional connection as well as establishing effective communication as you would in any relationship. After opening active lines of communication, try for a collab. When the other party tags in, you will immediately gain a vast new audience for your efforts. 

Always Engage Directly With Your Audience

Always encourage audience participation and make an effort to take part in any discussion. Ask for opinions and take polls on any new look or accessory you may be modeling. When people take part, give an idea, advice or opinion and receive answers and feel heard, they will feel involved and invested in your success. Sincere engagement with your audience will result in your viewer becoming your cheerleaders and promoters on the social media platforms. That too completely organically so you will grow your reach and build up a team of volunteers who are willing to support you and speak for you.

Post a lot of Videos and Stories

Plan out your content strategy, with approximately every third post being a video. Models are often seen in fitness training videos, makeup tutorials, healthy diet videos, and other how-to videos. Audiences also love short daily life video logs to get a glimpse into the life of celebrities and models so you can try making a few of those too. 

Stories build emotional connections, and not only are they more entertaining, but they are also preferred as a communication medium by a majority of people. Stories that are accompanied by intriguing, funny, inspiring or tempting visuals are likely to be retained 65% more than plain text. And when it comes to videos, we all know how easier it is to click on a short video of a couple of minutes then a long page of text. In-fact you may find that your target audience prefers visual storytelling and short videos over all other forms of communication as they are quick to watch, be entertained with and shared onwards. 

Videos also make sense for you since they build trust, brand recognition and show conversion rates of as much as 805, giving you a rapid return on your investment. 
When making super short videos and stories remember to optimize for mobile and to keep the footage or story on a single point. Keep the audience’s interest by doing or saying something captivating in the first few seconds and remember to use eye-catching thumbnails and captions. 

You can also try an Instagram automation tool or promotion tool which will post the videos at a particular time to maximize views, follows and shares. 

Invest in Instagram Promotion Tools

You should free up your time to do productive work such as photography, collaborations, making videos and building connections. To make sure you have the energy to focus on the most valuable parts of your job, you can leave a lot of promotion activities to your Instagram promotion tool. This tool will like, comment and follow many as well as engage in other time consuming promotional activates that will attract many new followers to your account.

February 14, 2020
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