Fix: Instagram – Sign up Blocked

I can’t Sign up for Instagram, how to fix it?

You are trying to enter into the beautiful Instagram world where you can see beautiful photos of others, share yours with your friends on your account, and sharing engaging content on your business accounts to increase your audience and customers……... BUT WAIT!! …... you are unable to do so because you are getting Instagram signup blocked error as you are receiving following messages on your screen


So even after many tries, still you are unsuccessful in creating a new Instagram account, although it tells you to wait a moment.

Why Can’t I sign up for Instagram?

If you keep on receiving the above messages displayed as screenshots and hence unable to sign up for Instagram then most likely, there could be following reasons

• You may have already made the maximum number of Instagram accounts already with this mobile device

• You may have attached the maximum possible number of accounts to this Instagram app

How to fix Instagram signup blocked error?

So, if you are unable to sign up for Instagram from your mobile device due to the reasons mentioned above, then Don’t Worry, create your Instagram from a desktop computer or laptop. To-do so,

• Go to the Instagram signup page on a web Brower on your computer

• Simply create and signup for your new Instagram account in the same way as you used to do in your mobile device, whether it's iPhone or Android.

• You will use the same credentials (name, email, username if available and phone number) as you use to before

February 14, 2020
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