LAST UPDATED: 1/3/2020

Troubleshooting + FAQ

What Are My Login Credentials?

With you need to use your Instagram credentials. We do not store any of your data on our servers. We let you run your program yourself. At the end of the day, it is 100% yours, therefore, it runs entirely on your end.

Find Instagram Location ID:

Login Instagram and search for desired location e.g. Paris. Click search result with location icon.
On location page the Instagram location ID is numeric part of URL.

MacOS: The application can't be opened:

This happens on MacOS, to open the installer you need to right click on the launcher instead of double-clicking on it. Then on the contextual menu select "open".

This action will open a window saying it can’t be opened, click OK and repeat this process again. The second time around you’ll be able to run the software.

If you still see this message, please follow this tutorial.

Can I run multiple accounts?

Yes, you can run up to 3 accounts, to do that you need to start again by clicking on its launch icon. It’ll open a new tab with a new instance of the bot running.

Can I upgrade plan?

Yes, you can upgrade to another plan by contacting the support and paying the difference.

I’ve been logged out from

If you happen to get logged out from the user interface it means Instagram logged out the device from their end. You can log back in, Instagram will then acknowledge it as a real device with a real user behind it.

"Instagram is throttling activity" Message

That mean Instagram is throttling action done by the bot “virtual device” this throttling is temporary and happen by doing action manually too. If you encounter this message the bot will wait a couple hour before attempting again.

Instagram is constantly throttling activity.

If Instagram is throttling activity after only a few actions it means that it flagged the virtual device as a potential spam.

You can generate a new virtual device by login out and clicking delete cookies. However, this action needs to be done only when necessary and not to bypass a Instagram throttling. Throttling is a necessary evil, respecting it is a human like reaction and will further increase Instagram trust in your virtual device. Recreating virtual devices is a spam/bot action and will reduce Instagram trust toward your virtual devices.

The followers/followings number on my dashboard doesn’t change

They’re currently populated only on first login. We’ll make them populate on every login in a near future. We can’t update it “live” because to do so we need to go to our user profile and repeating this action a lot can be considered a spam comportment.

I can’t run action because of my quotas

The quotas are calculated on a 24hours rolling windows, so they don’t reset at midnight the next day but are freed progressively as action done 24 hours ago are not counted anymore.

The bot keep checking media and not doing action

It’s by design and governed by the rules of randomness. On average the bot does one action per 5 media checked. It does check media without liking them to emulate human action. As it’s random you can have period with 10 consecutive actions and periods with 20 consecutives inactions.