LAST UPDATED: 1/4/2020

Basic Features

How To Run An Automation Task:

Click on the action you want to automate on the left menu.
Then input the hashtag or hashtags you wish to target (using commas). Select a sleep time; a higher sleep time can be stealthier on some cases.

How Does Run:

For stealth reasons, it’s running only one action at a time.

When you select an automation to run it’ll run it till no more action are left for the day (calculated based on the actions done the 24 preceding hours) or until you close its console.

Closing the tab does not stop

The time sleep are randomized and a lot shorter than they used to be.

It’ll alternate between period of high activity with pause between actions ranging from 30 to 240 seconds. To period of rest ranging from 900 to 6000 seconds depending on the action chosen and the sleep time.

During the first login, device configuration is being created and registered with Instagram. It’ll take some time, can be up to a minute, following logins are a lot faster.