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Boost Your Instagram Engagement And Gain Active Followers With The Safest Instagram Bot Of 2020.

Available for Windows 64-Bit & MacOS 10.12 min.
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One-Time Payment

While others demand a monthly payment, our software comes with a one-time payment with lifetime updates
Powered by AI.
Using face-recognition, interacts with users that are most likely to follow you back.
Works 24/7. behave like a human throughout the day, picking up more followers for your Instagram account.
100% Undetectable.
All the automation services are now obsoletes. is the only reliable bot.
Always improving

Features will automate liking, following and unfollowing just like a normal Instagram user.
Story Views will skyrocket your exposure and will let you view up to 5000 Instagram stories per day.
The software works entirely from your end! Run it without putting your accounts at risk!
1. Emulates the latest version of the Instagram mobile app.
2. Uses facial recognition to behave like a human.
3. Generates a dedicated cookie session ID during login.
4. Bypasses security challenges. features multiple filters to target your specific audience.
Choose between: hashtag, account or location targeting.

Balance between growth and undetectability.

Updates since we launched in November 2019
Downloads since we launched in November 2019
Average new followers per day
All plans include premium support

Pricing has a 14-day refund guarantee if you ever get banned from Instagram (but it won't happen)
one-time payment
  • Up to 100 Likes/d
  • Up to 75 Comments/d
  • Up to 75 Following/d
  • Smart Unfollowing
  • Up to 5000 Story Views/d
  • Free Updates
  • Feature Submission
  • Beta-Testing Program Access
  • TikTok Bot Access
Best Value
one-time payment
  • Up to 500 Likes/d
  • Up to 150 Comments/d
  • Up to 150 Following/d
  • Smart Unfollowing
  • Up to 5000 Story Views/d
  • Free Updates
  • Feature Submission
  • Beta-Testing Program Access
  • TikTok Bot Access
one-time payment
  • Up to 800 Likes/d
  • Up to 250 Comments/d
  • Up to 200 Following/d
  • Smart Unfollowing
  • Unlimited Story Views
  • Free Updates
  • Feature Submission
  • Beta-Testing Program Access
  • TikTok Bot Access
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Is there a free trial?
Sadly, there's no free trial at the moment. is not a service, it's a software you own forever after downloading it. Because there's no subscription doesn't offer a free trial. Nevertheless, we can offer you a demonstration video so you can see how the bot works.
How many followers should I expect?
As each account is unique, this number will change. It depends on the content you post, how often you post, what is your niche. Using, you're certainly going to see a higher number of Instagram followers. We can't ensure a particular number of followers because these are real people who have to decide by themselves whether or not to follow you.
How many accounts can I automate?
We're currently working on a multi-account feature. If you want to beta-test it, simply order the normal version and email us.
Why is it safe?
Nowadays, most automation services are not safe. They exploit the Instagram API incorrectly and dangerously on your behalf.
- emulates the latest version of the Instagram mobile app to bypass the Instagram algorithm.
- In addition, it uses facial recognition based on AI to behave like a human.- uses a dedicated cookie session ID which is automatically regenerated if required during login. Thus you won't receive any "action block" notification.
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